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Latest Release Version 7.3

TerraExplorer for Desktop TerraExplorer for Web  SkylineGlobe Server

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New in Version 7.3

TerraExplorer for Desktop

High Resolution Imagery & Elevation Layers
  • Ability to load offline and online imagery and elevation layers with resolution higher than 7cm per pixel to globe Lat-Long project
True 2D Orthographic Rendering Mode
  • TerraExplorer 7.3 and 2D North navigation modes now feature true orthographic rendering mode.
  • Mode provides clearer measure of distance between objects such as buildings and their relative size
3D Mesh Supported Formats
  • SLPK v1.7 - 
  • Bentley 3MX
  • 3D Tiles reader: supports for models in gltf v2 format, tiles stored in .3TZ file format, tiles compressed in gzip archive format. mesh models copressed in Draco format, and mesh models in GLB Binary file format
  • 3D Tiles exporter: expands support of exporting 3D mesh layers to 3D Tiles format (saves models in gltf v2 format and with Draco compression)
Open 3DML
  • New 3D mesh layer open source format
  • Designed for streaming and rendering massive 3D geospatial content such as: terrain surfaces, 3D city models, individual model and BIM
  • Contains hierarchically structured data stored in an open sourced SQLite database. 
Improved CAD Support
  • Enhanced support for Autodesk AutoCAD models 
  • Layers can be downloaded in DWF format, the native file format for Autodesk's AutoCad software, as well as Autodesk DXF
  • Layers can be exported to DXF format
Volume Classification
  • New dynamic classification method allows for association of layers and objects with polygon features and their attribute values, so attribute data of classification features can be accessed and spatial and attribute queries an be performed on mesh layer
  • Classification layers are not pre-processed with any particular mesh allowing multiple feature layers to classify a single mesh and multiple meshes can be classified by any particular classification feature layer
  • Classification method can classify buildings, floors, and small objects such as windows
Photo Inspector Tool
  • New tool displays the photos used to generate 3D PhotoMesh model allowing user to examine and confirm model accuracy or create inspection layers in which areas can be marked for later review
  • Load aerotriangulation output layer generated by PhotoMesh
  • Display all photos or only photos that intersect with a selected point on model
  • Filter out photos that do not actually see the selected point
  • Project photos on terrain
  • Show results in 3D Window and in photo list


Drawing Tools
  • Undo / Redo functionality: supported by: text and image labels, video object, polyline, polygon, 2D and 3D shapes, 3D models 
  • Improved copy-paste mechanism allows users to copy and paste objects and features based on cursors location. After copy is pasted in current cursor location it can be dragged to precise location
  • Range of object snapping options for more precise object positioning. Snap to: object node, line segment, dynamically-identified edges and corners of any element in 3D world 
Manual Retouch Tool
  • Imperfections can be marked for editing by allowing users to mark surfaces for flattening and floating objects for removal
  • Output is polygonal feature "retouch layer" with attribute information that defines what retouch action should be performed
  • Implementation performed in PhotoMesh
Display Effects
  • Increased control over brightness and contrast
  • Brightness: Adjust light intensity in 3D view
  • Contrast: Adjust distinction between lighter and darker areas of the entire 3D view
  • Gamma correction: Adjust gamma of 3D view
  • Depth perception: Highlight depth changes in the 3D model to make it easier to recognize model's contours and shape.
SkylineGlobe Server + TerraExplorer for Web
  • Enhanced support for publishing of styling properties to TerraExplorer for Web projects
  • Supports loading of secured project the new SGS token mechanism (Viewer only)
  • New "My Site" read / edit permission
API Improvements
  • Raster layer refresh in area
  • Drawing API (IDrawing73) provides methods for interactive user drawing capabilities (2D objects and models). Events during and after drawing allow control over drawing process and object style
  • Volume classification API (IVolumeClassification73) allows user to associate and classify areas of layers and objects. Classification can be represented by colorizing intersecting layers and objects or by displaying a 3D polygon based on an extrusion of the polygon
  • Pixel to world / Pixel to objects returns the real world coordinates or list of objects under a specific pixel on 3D Window

Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Drawing Surfaces
  • Align to Model
  • Texture Animation
  • New Ambient Light
  • New Presentation's Movie Creator Mechanism
  • Show Through Option
  • Line Textures
  • Label Blend Mode and Light Effect
  • Clip Box
  • Improved Navigation
New in Version 7.3

TerraExplorer for Web

Improved Performance
  • Improved navigation performance (frame rate) especially with medium/low-end machines, when loading a complex project with a significant number of feature layers or heavy 3D mesh layers.
  • Modified feature point caching methods significantly improve navigation performance when flying over massive feature labels.
  • New Auto performance/quality mode allows the system to ensure an optimal balance between performance and quality.
Volume Classification
  • New dynamic classification method allows association areas of 3D layers and objects, e.g., mesh layers, with polygonal volume features and their attribute values allowing users to perform spatial and attribute queries on the mesh layer
Feature Layer Improvements
  • Support for Complex Geometries: Supports feature layers comprised of complex geometries ensuring all of a loaded layer's sub-features are displayed.
    ▪ Support for Query Filters: Supports feature layer query filters enabling user to load only the parts of a layer that you require, e.g., only roads with attribute type = highway.
    ▪ Enhanced Support for Feature Layer Styling: Additional styling options, Field expressions are supported enabling layers to be styled based on attribute field values, "Extend to Ground" property supported now for both polylines and polygons (to create a partition such as a wall or fence), Property sheet style settings allow TerraExplorer for Web users to modify base properties. Changes are saved between sessions.
Modify Terrain and Mesh
  • Modify terrain capabilities have been extended to the 3D mesh layer, enabling the surface of the base terrain or a 3D mesh layer to be raised or lowered according to the elevation values of a modify mesh polygon's points. 
Hole on Terrain
  • Advanced objects’ support expanded to include creation of hole on terrain objects.
  • Cutting a hole on the terrain removes the terrain texture while maintaining the original contours of the terrain.
  • Objects or feature layers created on the terrain in the area of the hole are drawn on the original contours of the terrain.
Video on Terrain / Billboard
  • Advanced objects’ support extended to include creation of video on terrain objects
  • Video on Terrain commands play a video file either on a selected area of the terrain (Video on Terrain), or on a floating billboard (Video Billboard).
Point Cloud Styling
  • Point clouds now streamed with the attribute-based styling that was applied in TerraExplorer Pro to point cloud color, size, and visibility.
  • Attribute-based styling also supports more complex formulas, e.g., [TYPE] 1 = red, [TYPE] 2 = yellow OR point size = <[TYPE]*3>.
  • Additional styling options can be performed directly in TerraExplorer for Web.
New API ▪ Set layer properties
▪ Get features from a layer
▪ Create base objects (points, lines and polygons)
▪ New callbacks, e.g., when an analysis object is added, tools are closed, and measurements finish.
Cesium Support
  • Upgraded Cesium 3D library.
Bug Fixes and Stability
  • Improved overall stability and performance, including better support for accurate positioning in TE4W of mesh and point cloud layers whose positions were manually set in TerraExplorer Pro.
New in Version 7.3

Skyline Globe Server

MySQL / Postgre Management Database
  • These databases support a higher number of transaction than SQLite and provide greater reliability when working in a multi-server environment. SGS continues to support SQLite database 
Mesh Styling
  • To support viewing in TerraExplorer for Web and other Cesium based viewers. SGS 7.3's 3D mesh service exposes 3D mesh as OGC 3D Tiles, while storing only the original data format on the server
Point Cloud Styling
  • Exposes point cloud layers as OGC 3D Tiles while storing only the original data format on the server
Token Access Mechanism
  • Security token is per user and allows the same access level the user has. This security option is available only to "Viewer" level users and allows accessing (read / write) data, but no publishing or administration options
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